burning feet

Images by Daniel Jarosch

2020. plaster, wax, wick. 10 × 10 x 22 cm each

There is neither a border without crossings, nor are there walls without possibilities of overcoming. There are always strangers who will claim to be guests. Every apartment, every house is on a road, on a path and must have at least one entrance, windows and doors. Every being with oneself, every monad, must be hospitable, so that the so-called individual can even live with oneself. In order to be with oneself and to live with oneself, the community must be shared with others, the being with oneself must ultimately give up its autonomy. In this sense, there is no social bond and no culture of community without a principle of hospitality that opens this community and at the same time exposes it to newcomers and strangers without restriction. Who sets foot over what border? And who burns? This performative work by Judith Klemenc could not be more topical. In the night of 9/9/2020, several fires broke out in the refugee camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos, leaving more than 12,000 people homeless. Very, very few of these people were able to cross the border.

Elisabeth Schäfer